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We have a team of artists in Brisbane available for commission graffiti works. For further information contact us at

Where your typical artist uses a paintbrush and canvas to create a masterpiece, commission Brisbane graffiti artists use spray paint. Our canvas can be the side of a building, a sidewalk, or even a vehicle.  Graffiti art is most commonly known to deliver messages of a cultural,  environmental, political, or social nature. Traditional graffiti is associated with gangs, negative outlooks, and vandalism.  Unfortunately, this unique art form is constantly being scrutinised by those that simply ignore the amazing talent and innovative artwork being created. What we offer is professional, legal and attractive graffiti art and you can commission our artists Australia wide.

What Are Professional Commission Brisbane Graffiti Artists?

In the simplest of terms, professional commission Brisbane graffiti artists are no different from other talented graffiti artists with one exception, we are well experienced and offer a legitimate service.  Additionally, amateurs tend to create graffiti art for the purpose of defacing property whereas the professional earns a living creating their art.  Interestingly enough, both use graffiti in order to deliver a message by expressing what they want to say as a form of art.  Depending on any particular graffiti artists specialty, the commissioned graffiti artist may use different mediums, but spray paint is the preferred choice by most of our team.

Today’s commission Brisbane graffiti artists are well known for their artistic abilities and their passion for creating positive and creative art.  We are dedicated to the craft and extremely passionate in the pursuit of success.  It has taken years for our artists to establish themselves as professionals and the majority of them are self-taught.  Certain members of our team continue to refine their abilities and skills by pursuing an education in the arts.  Consequently, graffiti art is now recognised Australia wide as a true art form.

If you are based in Australia and wish to commission our graffiti artists for any project then please contact us for any information or formal quotation.





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