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We have a team of artists around Australia available for commission graffiti works. Commission graffiti artists exist today all around the globe and a majority of the professionals are paid for their services.  We charge by the project rather than charging the client an hourly rate.  The key differences between a standard artist who works on only canvas versus the graffiti artist, is that the latter works on a much larger scale and uses bolder designs and brighter colors. Our team can cater to any theme you may require from characters, landscapes or lettering. Additionally, our graffiti artists are considerably more affordable than your standard paintbrush artist.

Graffiti artists tend to work much quicker than conventional artists who paint on canvas while at the same time creating works that are considerably more attractive, bolder, and exciting than the average everyday artwork.  The bottom line is, our artworks will draw attention to your local business, private home, or organisation without you having to spend a fortune.  If you are a business owner or the head of an organisation, the hiring of commission graffiti artists to deliver your company message can be a viable addition to your marketing campaign!

In the business atmosphere, the competition among similar companies is extremely intense and only the strongest look and competitive edge will rise above the rest.  As a business owner, you have to stay a step ahead of your competitors, if you are going to continue operating and get noticed doing so. Using graffiti art as part of your advertising enables you to separate your company from the competition and be an industry leader. Not only do your sales and profits increase using this type of appealing street art, but you will enhance your company’s image and gain more market awareness in the process. You can commission our renowned team of graffiti artists to achieve this.

One of the most classic examples of using commission graffiti artists dates back decades ago when the inspiring John Lennon of the famous rock group ‘The Beatles’ hired street artists to paint an entire exterior wall of their record label’s headquarters.  Additionally, the groups members jazzed up their businesses, private homes, and various vehicles in similar fashion, at a time in history when this art form was considered illegal and was widely frowned upon. Despite the fact that the 60’s are now a past memory, graffiti and street art has evolved into a unique yet viable art form.

If you would like to commission graffiti artists for your project then please contact us at for quotes or information.

We look forward to working with you on your upcoming project.

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