How Art is Changing The Way People Decorate Their Homes

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Interior design is nothing new. People have been working in and creating borderline unhealthy obsessions with this area of design for years. Shows like The Block and House Rules continue to feed these addictions and somehow seem to make everyone feel like an interior design expert. However the world of interior design is beginning to change. The way people approach and tackle the subject is changing. People are becoming more and more aware of art. It’s not that people are starting to ‘get’ art rather people are beginning to notice it can look pretty cool when stuck on a wall. This is changing the way people are designing and decorating their homes.

It used to be that the first thing people did when decorating their home was to buy all their furniture and other knick-knacks first. Then people would go out and try to find some piece of art to match what they’d already put together. These days there has been a bit of a switch-a-roo. With people beginning to have more of an appreciation for art they are starting to rank it higher in priority when it comes to decorating than furniture and other things. People are now picking pieces of art first and then styling the rest of their home around it. Matching the colours, tones and patterns of your art with your furniture is what it’s all about. This allows you to buy that piece of art that really catches your eye and pulls your heartstrings in all the right ways. You no longer have to live with that disappointment when you find a piece you squeal with excitement over but then find it just doesn’t match that $1000 rug you brought yesterday. Really this approach makes much more sense. When you style around the art it’s going to stand out more. If you’re trying to make your art fit the room then you’ll probably end up buying something that seems to just blend into the background.

Pieces of art are always what make people go ‘wow’ when they walk into a home. They become the focal point for discussion. Sure people might spend five minutes telling you how snazzy your lounge looks but chances are conversation is going to find its way back to that canvas with the multi-colored dog sporting an extravagant moustache that you have on your wall.

Some artists however don’t really love this new trend. Obviously to an artist their work is their pride and joy, it’s their baby. People always think their baby is the best, the cutest and should be the centre of attention. An artist views their work in the same way. Artists tend to believe that their work should be able to stand on it’s own and have nothing to do with the décor around it. Maybe in some context this makes sense but this really only works if you’re plan on putting your piece in art galleries or museums.

Designing a room is really just the same as creating a piece of art. You’re trying to find that balance of colour, layout, pattern and form that represents and appeals to you when you make art. Aren’t you really trying to do the same thing with interior design?

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