Live Graffiti Demonstrations

1 Posted by - February 20, 2015 - Murals

We offer many graffiti services including live graffiti demonstrations. Our live graffiti art demo’s are a great way to grab attention and create conversation about any particular brand or product. We have conducted live graffiti demonstrations for many businesses and events across the country including large music festivals, corporate team day events and shopping centre attractions. Live graffiti art demonstrations are an exciting way to get people to gather around quickly and take notice of the artwork being created. The artwork can be a depiction of any topic or brand you require and we have completed countless artworks this way for clients all around Australia. Not only is a cost effective way of advertising but you can also keep the finished artwork to hang in an office, retail or private space. Live graffiti appeals to virtually all age groups we have a large portfolio of very successful events. If you seek to hire graffiti artists for a live demonstration then contact us for a formal quote. We look forward to working with y0u.

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