Graffiti Murals charges for all services and artworks on this website. Please be aware the below costs are an estimate and rough guide only. All charges are calculated on a quote by quote basis and there are many factors that calculate the total cost on any given project.  

Hourly Rate: Approx charge is $90 per hour, per artist. However please be aware this is subject to differ depending on the nature of the proposed works. This does not include the additional cost of materials, equipment hire, travel, preparation and other potential factors on any specific project.

Spray Paint: The cost of spray paint varies depending the size of the project. Meaning our buy rate is calculated by the number of units we purchase for each production.

Other Standard Charges: Materials (Primer Paint, Rollers and Trays, Drop Sheets, Masking Tape, Stencils, Masks, Gloves etc..) Equipment Hire (Scissor Lift, Cherry Picker, Scaffolding etc..), these items will be included on a formal quotation, supplied upon request.

Our Services Include: Commissioned Graffiti & Street Art Murals, Custom Graffiti Canvases, Live Graffiti Demonstrations, Youth Graffiti Workshops, Graffiti & Street Art Themed Design, Council Initiatives, Office Space Artworks, School Murals, Private Homes, Advertising and Local Business Projects , Graffiti Artists for Media Services and anything else you may require to hire professional graffiti & street artists for your venue.

If you are interested in contacting us regarding any of our services and would like to gauge a cost estimate then please refer to the following indicative prices.

Approx Prices:

Office Wall Space: $3500 approx (wall size approx 2.5m H X 6m W)

Average Size Cafe: $1800 approx (wall size approx 2m  H X 4m W)

Private Home Courtyard or Wall: $1200 approx. (wall size approx 2m H X 3m W)

Kids Bedroom: $650 approx (wall size approx 2m H X 2.5m W)

Custom Graffiti Canvas: $600 approx (canvas size approx 1.5 X 2m)

Graffiti or Street Art Themed Signage: $1900 approx (sign size approx 3m X 4.5m)

Live Graffiti Demonstration: $1750 approx (includes canvas and materials, 2 – 3 hour event)

PLEASE NOTE* All prices are ex GST

Please be aware these indicative prices are a rough guide only.

Cost Calculation: Quotes are calculated on the following factors: Wall Size, Artwork/ Design/ Theme , Production Time (hours/days), Materials Required, Location and Preferred Production Time – Meaning if production is required to be completed after hours then additional charges may apply.

If the above general information fits the criteria for your proposed project and you would like a formal quotation then please email us anytime:

We look forward to hearing from you.